Posted by: preservehawaii | January 17, 2011

Protecting Kauai’s Endangered Species

Diellia mannii, photo by David H. Lorence © Smithsonian Institution

Not only is the Kokeʻe Resource Conservation Program (KRCP) concerned about eradicating invasive species, they’re focused on preserving native species, such as two highly endangered ferns in the region, Diellia mannii and Diellia erect f. alexandri. By building fences around these fern populations, it prevents ungulates such as deer, goat, and pig from damaging these plants.

Volunteer opportunities include working in the mesic forest of Kokeʻe State Park, or the wet forest of Alakaʻi Wilderness Preserve. (The work involves strenuous hiking and may include the use of herbicides—if you prefer to not work with herbicides, the staff will design a volunteer project for you involving only pulling or cutting).

Join KRCP Mondays through Thursdays, or anytime by appointment. (Lodging is also available in their volunteer cabin by reservation.) Contact or visit the KRCP website:

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