Posted by: preservehawaii | November 22, 2010

How to Respect Honu

Hawaiʻi’s green sea turtles are threatened—and not by their ocean-faring predators, but by those of us who aren’t aware of the harm we might be doing them. Beachgoers have been known to drag honu from the ocean, sit on them, lift them for a better picture, or try to turn them over.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of groups like Malama Na Honu, we can share with others how to respect these gentle creatures:

– Give basking honu their space, at least 6 feet.
– Never push a honu back into the water, or pour water on it. Allow them the freedom to come and go from the ocean.
– Don’t feed honu. Their diet comes from the sea.
– Dispose of your trash, and pick up any you see on the beach or in the water—it can do a lot of harm to sea life.
– Don’t buy items made of turtle shell.

Become a Honu Guardian with Malama Na Honu and learn more about educating others:


  1. What wonderful work the volunteer groups on this blog do. I am from the UK and visited Kaua’i in 2008. I wish I had known about the good work being done there by various groups as I would have loved to have got involved to see if I could have been any help. A beautiful place with beautiful wildlife and surroundings. Hands on volunteering work in the Hawaiian islands is so important. It’s great that there are people out there who are passionate and committed to it and they work to educate people the right way to do things.

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