Posted by: preservehawaii | November 8, 2010

Meet the Honu of O’ahu’s North Shore

If you volunteer with Malama Na Honu on Oʻahu’s North Shore, you might get to know the green sea turtles below:


Brutus was one of the first turtles to bask in the sun repeatedly at Laniakea Beach, Oʻahu. He’s been hooked by fishing line, entangled by nets, and nibbled on by predators, but he continues to lumber up on shore almost daily. He truly lives up to his Hawaiian name, Nalukai, “one who has weathered the storms of life.”


Olivia-Dawn, or Ipo (“sweetheart”) is a deep sea diver. During the first 20 days of her migration to the French Frigate Shoals, she averaged 16 dives per night—one of them 135 meters deep!


Kaheka (“tidepool”) is the youngest basker at Laniakea. After veterinarians de-hooked and disentangled him from fishing gear, they released him on Oʻahu’s windward side. In less than a week, he had swum back around the island, to the tidepools at Laniakea.

How can you tell these and the other 20-some honu at Laniakea apart? With the Honu ID book—there’s a copy in the volunteer beach bag to learn from. And every volunteer who logs in 100 hours gets their own personal copy.

To find out how you can join Malama Na Honu, visit their website:

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