Posted by: preservehawaii | June 21, 2010

Be a ReefTeach Volunteer This Summer

“Volunteering for ReefTeach has changed me; it has taught me compassion for others who don’t spend as much time on the ocean as I do …”

“You can’t beat the office location! We do it because it’s fun. And it’s rewarding to see visitors light up as we try to enrich their experience. They often go into orbit when we show them a turtle.”

ReefTeach Volunteers

Everyday ReefTeach volunteers don their bright blue shirts and arrive at the Kahaluʻu pavilion carrying books, storyboards and signs. They take special care assembling an information tent for beachgoers to enjoy. Their message is clear—help protect the reef!

Volunteers of all ages teach snorkelers and swimmers to identify and avoid touching live coral. They explain to visitors about the different fish and invertebrates, as well as the ecology of the reef. Most importantly, they have fun!

For more about becoming a ReefTeach volunteer at Kahaluʻu Bay, Hawaiʻi Island (Big Island), go to the Kohala Center website, or contact Cindi Punihaole at, (808) 895-1010.

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