Posted by: preservehawaii | June 14, 2010

Meet Rocky, the Honu (Turtle)

Rocky, the Honu

Kahaluʻu Bay on the Island of Hawaiʻi is well known for its clear, shallow water and abundant tropical reef fishes. There are also many green sea turtles (honu) that live in the calm protected waters of the bay. Most commonly seen is Rocky, affectionately named after the area he climbs onto each day to bask. Rocky has been known to lay out for hours on end while countless visitors gather round to take photos.

ReefTeach volunteers play an important role in protecting Rocky and other honu encountered at Kahaluʻu. Everyday ReefTeachers encourage visitors to keep at least ten feet from turtles, not to feed the fish, and to make sure not to step on the coral while snorkeling—all the while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the bay.

Become a ReefTeacher and help keep Rocky and the other reef creatures safe. For more information, go to the Kohala Center website, or contact Cindi Punihaole at, (808) 895-1010.

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