Posted by: preservehawaii | December 21, 2009

Pouhala Marsh: Tales from the Field

“It has been a while since I’ve been to Pouhala Marsh, and I’m glad my family was able to make it out there today. … My dad and I planted at least two kamani trees. We used shovels, pick axes, and gloves to create the proper area for the kamani trees to grow. Then my mom and I gathered some rocks and distributed them to other volunteers so that they could make their berms. After planting, my family moved towards the newer volunteers and helped them remove pickleweed and mangroves along the bank of the stream.

“It was so nice to see everyone today. I missed being out in the marsh. I got to see a couple of the aeʻo birds walking in the water. The wetland is just getting more and more beautiful with each Saturday I go out there. To see such progress makes me so happy, and I realize just how far the hard work of volunteers can go.” —Krystina Begonia, volunteer, 2009

To volunteer with Oʻahu’s Hawaiʻi Nature Center, contact Volunteer Program Manager Pauline Kawamata,

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