Posted by: preservehawaii | December 14, 2009

Volunteer at Pouhala Marsh Wetlands

Pouhala Marsh

Located in the West Loch of Pearl Harbor, Pouhala Marsh is the last remaining natural wetland habitat on Oʻahu’s south coast. It’s considered a crucial resource for the protection and habitat for several Hawaiian plants and animal species—particularly the endangered Hawaiian stilt, or aeʻo. During non-breeding season, Hawaiian stilt numbers on the marsh can exceed 150 birds, about 10 percent of the remaining world population.

Volunteers at Pouhala

Volunteers have played a vital role in the restoration of Pouhala Marsh. Since December 2001, over 1,700 volunteers have worked on teaching sites for Hawaiʻi Nature Center’s wetland programs, plus cleared habitat areas for the endangered wetland birds. Volunteers meet once a month, on a Saturday morning, to work on a tasks like trash removal, outplanting, and eradication of invasive plant species. To join the Pouhala Marsh effort, contact Volunteer Program Manager Pauline Kawamata,

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