Posted by: preservehawaii | November 16, 2009

Help Bring Back Hawaiʻi Forest Birds


The Kaulana Manu ʻohana has been busy completing a trail through the kipuka, and removing the relentless invasive species that have taken up residence there. They also work closely with Keauhou Bird Sanctuary to report sightings of the native birds whose habitat they’re restoring—like the endangered ʻAkepa and Hawaiʻi Creeper pictured here.

Hawaiʻi Creeper

Of their many volunteer projects, there’s something for every activity level—trail work is the most rigorous, involving lots of muscle to spread around the cinder and gravel, and to gather rocks for making the trail; invasive species removal is a mild to moderate activity, where you can often sit while working, enjoying the native songbirds; the relaxing task of birding means keeping a keen eye on the forest and recording your sightings on observational sheets.

To become a part of the Kaulana Manu ʻohana, join their volunteer days on Sundays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, 9am-2pm. For more information, contact Virginia Aragon-Barnes,, (808) 933-3440.

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