Posted by: preservehawaii | October 19, 2009

Volunteer for Sea Turtle Monitoring on Maui’s Beaches


A Hatchling Makes Its Way to the Sea

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund works on many aspects of conservation, but right now they’re particularly busy with sea turtle nesting season. During October and November, they and their volunteers will be camping at hawksbill sea turtle nests up and down Maui’s coastlines, patiently awaiting the emergence of hatchlings. Hatchlings get easily disoriented from manmade light, making them susceptible to dehydration/death and predators like crabs, cats, dogs, rats, and mongoose. Other threats include getting tangled up in vegetation, trapped in holes dug on the beach, or stepped on by humans.

As a volunteer, you can help ensure every hatchling makes it to the ocean safely! See the HWF website ( or email for how to get involved.

Turtle Nest

Turtle Nest

Model of Turtle Nest Underground

Model of Turtle Nest Underground

Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks


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